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Advantages Of New Type PTMS Magnetic Separator Equipment Feb 18, 2021
Время: 2021-02-18

Advantages of new type PTMS magnetic separator equipment
 PTMS magnetic separation
Which ore is used in magnetic separation method?

Advantages of new type PTMS magnetic separator equipment
Today is the seventh day of the first lunar month, as the Spring Festival in this big festival of a small festival, legend that this day is the birthday of human beings, that is, the birthday of the people, also known as "man victory festival", "man celebration festival", "population day", "man seven days" and so on. The "Day of Man" reflects the ancient Chinese working people's wishes for good fortune and peace and security as well as their respect for "man" itself.

In recent years, the research and development of PTMS magnetic separation equipment has developed rapidly, has produced some new efficient PTMS magnetic separator equipment, and has been successfully applied, but still can not fully meet the requirements of magnetic separation process development. Further research should be carried out to design a variety of efficient and multifunctional PTMS magnetic separator equipment. In the future for a period of time, the development trend of PTMS magnetic separator equipment is still large, specialized and energy-saving; Using the comprehensive force field separation technology and magnetic system design theory to produce a new type of PTMS magnetic separator equipment; Strengthen the research of related technology and theory of magnetic separation, and apply it to the development of new type PTMS magnetic separator equipment.

Today is a day worth celebrating, I am excited for you to open a new chapter of career mileage, I sincerely wish you every day in the future: business more than overwhelmed, friends and intimate countless, count money count hands and feet, happy happy to beaming!

Which ore is used in magnetic separation method?

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