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Features Of Four Kinds Of PTMS Magnetic Separators
Время: 2021-04-27

Magnetic Separator Price
The general structure characteristics of PTMS magnetic separator are as follows: (1) The special tank can form a higher slurry level and a large sorting chamber for the mining area; (2) the special feed bucket, can be given to the pulp to the sorting groove of the lower magnetic field area or higher field strength area; (3) Rinsing water device with shock dispersion magnetic group and dilution pulp in the sub-selection; (4) the rear overflow and the bottom and front wake channels suitable for the separation and discharge of non-magnetic gangue; (5) The large-angle magnetic system suitable for magnetization, adsorption and other separation processes, as well as transportation and ore unloading; The adsorption of magnetic objects in the magnetic field depth of the selection.

PTMS Magnetic Separation
PTMS permanent magnet magnetic separator in the magnetic circuit design using magnetic technology, high field strength, high gradient, and can ensure the depth of magnetic field action, is conducive to improve the recovery; Magnetic system adopts new structure, multi-pole, favorable to improve the grade. PTMS machine is the best choice. For many years, PTMS insists on testing the adaptability of mineral processing for users. According to the test data, the field intensity, gradient, pole number, inclusion Angle and magnetic field action depth of magnetic separation equipment are determined.

PTMS cylinder magnetic separator features: the magnetic field and its gradient is very high, therefore, the magnetic force can reach the magnetic force of the traditional cylinder machine 20 times; The number of magnetic poles can reach the number of magnetic poles of the traditional cylinder separator 2-3 times; In the circular direction of the cylinder, the magnetic force is evenly distributed; PTMS machine overall performance is good, reliable operation; Price is lower than the same type of other rare earth magnet cylinder machine. PTMS machine is the best choice.

What Is Magnetic Separation Process ?
PTMS permanent magnet drum machine characteristics are as follows: (1) according to the weak magnetic field, medium magnetic field, strong magnetic field design of different magnetic circuit advanced, reasonable, stable, durable, can meet the different requirements of selection; The magnetic block group positioning is accurate, the installation is firm, to ensure that the magnetic block group does not fall off, the magnetic force is reduced by no more than 5% in eight years, the overall design is modular structure, easy to locate and install, easy to maintain; (3) Both ends of the cylinder are made of wear-resistant stainless steel end caps, which have high strength and good abrasion resistance; ④ Double row self-aligning roller bearings can be easily checked without disassembling the cylinder body; The transmission system has the advantages of simple structure, easy adjustment, disassembly and assembly. The wear-resistant rubber plate bonded on the outer surface of the cylinder with special process is durable. ⑥ The tank structure is compact and reasonable, which can effectively prevent large foreign bodies from entering and is convenient to clean.

what is magnetic separation process?

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