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How Does PTMS Magnetic Separator Carry Out Magnetic Separation On Extremely Lean Ore
Время: 2021-04-30

Permanent Magnet Magnetic Separator
 The specific situation of China's ore resources is less rich ore, more lean ore, about 97% of the ore is less than 30% of the low grade ore, there is still a large part of the domestic has not been developed and utilized of refractory kaolin, potassium albinite, quartz sand ore. Since the beginning of the new century, the exploitation and utilization of ore resources has been on the rise, which makes the ceramic industry face great pressure. PTMS magnetic separator how to make better use of these refractory mineral resources to promote the development of ceramic industry has a great practical significance.

PTMS Magnetic Separation
PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). In view of how to carry out magnetic separation of extremely poor kaolin, potash albspar and quartz sand ore, there are a series of theoretical research and experimental analysis as follows:

What Is Magnetic Separation In Science?
Firstly, PTMS magnetic separator is used to analyze the raw ore magnetism of extremely lean magnetic ore. According to the results of raw ore magnetic analysis, with the decrease of grinding particle size of the analyzed sample, the content of concentrate products increases, and the yield and recovery of concentrate products decrease. To obtain a concentrate of TFe =63%, the raw ore should be finely ground to 0.030mm or more.

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