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PTMS Magnetic Separator For What Maintenance
Время: 2021-05-01

Water Cooling Electromagnetic Separator
 Perform necessary maintenance of PTMS magnetic separator on a regular basis. No matter how high quality equipment, if it is not necessary maintenance, long-term operation will also cause the service life of the equipment shortened, performance decline, so customers must use PTMS professional technical personnel to PTMS machine regular maintenance and maintenance.

Such as the lubrication of each lubrication point, the tightness of the bolts and other necessary checks, especially to pay attention to the wear of each vulnerable parts, if the wear of vulnerable parts, must be timely replacement and maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of PTMS magnetic separator, and then extend its service life.

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Strengthen the technical training for operators. The investigation found that most of the damage of PTMS magnetic separator parts is caused by the wrong operation of the operator, so it is very important to strengthen the technical training of the operator. Before the operation of the equipment, the operator must understand the structure of the equipment, the principle of magnetic separation, operating skills, matters needing attention and other aspects of knowledge, a comprehensive grasp of the performance of the equipment in all aspects, to avoid a little bit of operation error.

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