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PTMS Magnetic Separator Structure In The Magnetic Separation Of Kaolin, Potassium Sodium Feldspar, Quartz Sand Shows Advantages
Время: 2021-05-04

Water Cooling Electromagnetic Separator For Mining
 In recent years, kaolin, potassium albite, quartz sand and other mineral resources appear lean ore, usually need to be processed, because the operation of magnetic separation is relatively simple, and easy to control, so many concentrators often use magnetic separation method for kaolin, potassium albite, quartz sand ore dressing, PTMS magnetic separator is an essential equipment in the magnetic separation process for customers. It plays a vital role in improving the grade and recovery rate of concentrate. The following is a brief introduction to the performance characteristics of this PTMS magnetic separator.

Quality: on the one hand, the shape and internal structure of PTMS magnetic separator using the world's top technology manufacturing process, the selection of the most advanced, the highest end of the material, so that the equipment has other magnetic separator incomparable firmness and wear resistance, the replacement cycle of each component greatly extended; On the other hand, PTMS magnetic separation machine adopts high quality reducer motor, transmission parts design a unique roller sprocket device, greatly reducing the weight of the equipment itself, reduce the failure rate in the process of magnetic separation, making the operation of the equipment more stable, more superior quality, long service life.

What Is Magnetic Separation?
Structure: PTMS structure of the magnetic separator is introduced in the United States, Japan and other countries well-known manufacturers of magnetic separator design concept on the basis of development, and effectively combines kaolin clay, sodium potassium feldspar, quartz sand and other minerals, the properties of the structure of the overall design is not only simple and reasonable, and has a high degree of automation, installation, easy operation and maintenance aspects of the structure of many advantages.

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