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PTMS Magnetic Separator In Kaolin, Potassium Sodium Feldspar, Quartz Sand Beneficiation Advantages
Время: 2021-05-05

Water Cooling Electromagnetic Separator For Quartz
Kaolin, potassium albite, quartz sand and other mines belong to skarn type ores, in which the main mineral is magnetite, but also contains a small amount of sulfide minerals, accompanied by non-ferrous metals such as cobalt, nickel and vanadium, gangue is skarn. The ore is speckled, breccia, banded and massive. The magnetization coefficient is similar to that of magnetite quartzite. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products.

According to the distribution of grain size, the ore can be divided into coarse, fine, fine and very fine. There are typically four large concentrators in this category. Concentrated distribution of 5 places with 8 Jiazi kaolin, potassium sodium feldspar, quartz sand and other mines. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products.

What Is Magnetic Separation Process ?
According to the physical properties of magnetite ore, the most effective beneficiation method is to recover magnetic minerals by magnetic separation and associated sulfide minerals by flotation. Its sorting process is mostly two to four stages of crushing, and in the crushing process is equipped with one to two stages of dry magnetic separation, to select medium or fine crushing products. For further deep separation products, through two to three stages of fine grinding, two to five times of wet magnetic separation, the final iron concentrate products are obtained by magnetic separation - flotation or floatation-magnetic separation and other combined processes, while improving the concentrate grade, can also recover associated minerals into the corresponding concentrate products, as well as concentrate desulfurization. The granularity of magnetite grinding is coarser and the content of slime particles is less. Generally, PTMS magnetic separator can be used for desliming. The concentrator of magnetite ore is operated according to the whole circulation water supply process, and the utilization rate of circulating water is 75%~85%.

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