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Which PTMS Magnetic Separator Is Used For Wet Magnetic Separation Of Fine Magnetic Ore
Время: 2021-05-08

Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator
Fine magnetic ore wet magnetic separation with single cylinder, double cylinder and three cylinder permanent magnet PTMS magnetic separator for sorting, there are Φ1200 ×3000 mm and Φ1500 ×3000 mm, Φ1500 ×1500 mm double cylinder and other types, a section or two section magnetic separator using downstream bottom groove; The third or fourth section is semi-countercurrent type; And PTMS machine discharge direct magnetic separation multi-purpose countercurrent type. Vertical reducing PTMS machines are used for magnetization of quartzite and magnetic separation in concentrators to produce concentrates.

Various types of dry induction roll high intensity magnetic PTMS magnetic separator, wet flat ring high intensity PTMS machine and various types of high intensity magnetic PTMS magnetic separator developed on this basis, as well as continuous high gradient high intensity magnetic separation PTMS machine have been used in the separation of weak magnetic iron ore.

What Is Magnetic Separation Used For?
A PTMS magnetic separator with a productivity of 1.7 t/ h is used to separate weak magnetic lean ore, and satisfactory results have been obtained.

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