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How To Improve The PTMS Magnetic Separator In The Quartz Sand Beneficiation Play The Biggest Role
Время: 2021-05-09

Wet Magnetic Separator
 Progress in Beneficiation Technology of Fine Grained Disseminated Quartz Sand. It is mainly manifested in the development and improvement of the beneficiation process, the update and transformation of the beneficiation equipment, and the continuous improvement of the comprehensive index of beneficiation.
 (1) The new PTMS machine is used for crushing, or the old conical crushing is reformed, or the open-circuit crushing process is changed to the closed-circuit crushing process, so as to reduce the grinding energy consumption and reduce the particle size of the grinding ore. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice. PTMS uses super-heavy spring cone crushing and high-energy hydraulic cone crushing, as well as double-axis heavy vibration to complete the so-called "new conventional grinding" process of new three-stage one-closed-circuit single-stage ball grinding. The particle size of the product reaches 7~8mm, realizing "more crushing and less grinding" and reducing energy consumption. Improved grinding processing capacity. High pressure roller grinding crushing into iron ore concentrator. PTMS ultrafine magnetic lining plate, economic benefit is remarkable;

PTMS Magnetic Separation
(2) the use of magnetic slide pre-separation operation, the composition of pre-separation - magnetic separation process, in order to improve the processing capacity of the mill and raw ore grade. The practice shows that the large grain gangue with 8% and 9% iron can be discharged, the grinding grade can be increased by 2%, and the electricity consumption can be reduced by about 2%. (3) change dry self - grinding to wet self - grinding, change closed - circuit wet self - grinding to open - circuit or semi-open - circuit wet self - grinding. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice. Linear vibrating screen is used to replace spiral classification in one stage grinding classification. The hydrocyclone is used in the second stage classification to improve the efficiency of ore dressing and classification. (4) the magnetic separation process formed by vibration or high frequency and grinding classification separation is adopted to obtain high quality concentrate products containing more than 65% under the condition of high recovery rate;

What Is Magnetic Separation In Quartz?
(5) Φ1050mm or Φ1250mm large cylinder diameter magnetic separator is used to improve the magnetic separation capacity and concentrate grade. For example, when a large ore factory adopts BXΦ1050 mm×2400 mm PTMS magnetic separator, the output is 44.16 t/ h, the feeding particle size -0.074 mm accounts for 78.62%, the recovery rate is 99.39%, and the concentrate grade is 59.54%, which is 0.8% higher than the original machine. (6) The process of grinding and magnetic separation in ore stage is adopted to obtain high quality concentrate products; (7) The concentrator adopts "particle size based control" and is installed in the ore recovery loop to keep the specified grinding size of 85% to 95% of -325 mesh while maximizing the handling capacity of PTMS machine, thus reducing the cost per ton of concentrate.

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