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PTMS Magnetic Separator How Ore Processing Process
Время: 2021-05-10

Wet Separator
(1) gravity separation - magnetic separation - flotation process. Under the condition of coarse grinding, some iron minerals are dissociated and need to be recovered as soon as possible. The process is competitive in obtaining high quality concentrate products with high recovery rate. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products. Its main characteristic is that part of coarse-grained minerals can be recovered by spiral chute after the first grinding cyclone classification. The intermediate products were recovered by magnetic separation-flotation process for fine particles, and then the secondary classification grinding was carried out, and then returned to the separation circuit.

PTMS Magnetic Separation
(2) magnetic separation - gravity separation process. For fine disseminated ore, a process of magnetic separation to recover part of magnetic minerals, and a process of spiral chute and PTMS machine to recover weak magnetic minerals for its tailings has been developed. (3) continuous grinding - magnetic separation (low magnetic intensity - high magnetic intensity)- reverse flotation process. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products. The main feature of continuous grinding is that the ore is directly ground to the separation of monomers, and only the particle size of the final grinding products is controlled. The use of low intensity magnetic separation can play a dual role of tailings discharge and desliming and reduce or eliminate the harmful effect of slime on flotation. High intensity magnetic separation has the best desliming effect.

What Is Magnetic Separation Process?
The use of reverse flotation (quartz and other gangous rocks) to adapt to the change of different proportion of magnetic ore in the ore, especially the anionic reverse flotation has a strong adaptability to slime, such as PTMS according to the requirements of the concentrator to transform the process, in the case of 29.60% raw ore grade, obtained a concentrate grade of more than 67.59%. The grade of tailings is 10.56% and the metal recovery is 82.24%. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products.

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