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Application Of PTMS Magnetic Separator In Mineral Processing Process
Время: 2021-05-13

High Gradient Magnetic Separation
PTMS vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator is a new generation of efficient high intensity magnetic separation equipment PTMS. The machine uses the comprehensive force field of magnetic force, pulsating flow force and gravity to separate weak magnetic ore, rotating ring vertical rotation, recoilingconcentrate, with pulp pulsating mechanism, has the advantages of high processing efficiency, magnetic medium is not easy to block, wide sorting size range, high reliability and low energy consumption.

The equipment has been widely used in mineral processing industry in many countries and has been popularized in mineral processing at home and abroad. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3).

What Is Magnetic Separation In Science?
PTMS magnetic separator in the successful application of beneficiation has greatly improved the recovery rate of the mine, although the mineral content of the beneficiation system selected materials from the past about 12% reduced to about 9%, the mineral recovery rate is increased from about 10% to about 33% in the past, and the concentrate grade is guaranteed in more than 47%. The mine has an annual output of 120,000 tons of high quality concentrate.

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