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The Recovery Rate Was Further Improved By Optimizing The Process Using PTMS Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-05-15

High Quality Magnetic Separator
 It can be seen from different examples that the PTMS vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator is used to screen out high grade minerals from the magnetic separation tailings of the ore. When the grade of magnetic separation tailings is 7% ~ 10%, the recovery rate of the whole process in production is between 20% and 35%. The factors affecting mineral recovery are mainly as follows:

PTMS Magnetic Separation
(1) PTMS magnetic separator (including other similar high intensity magnetic separation machine) in the production of the operation recovery rate is generally about 80%, in the laboratory test index can obtain a higher recovery, but the production requirements of equipment processing capacity, pulp flow rate is fast, so it is difficult to achieve the laboratory test index. Now the processing process requires as much as possible to improve the grade of flotation to reduce the consumption of flotation agents and flotation costs, so generally 1 rough 1 fine high intensity magnetic separation. Assuming that the recovery rates of both rough and fine high intensity magnetic separation operations are 80%, the comprehensive recovery rate of high intensity magnetic separation operations is 64%, that is, high intensity magnetic separation will lose 36% of the minerals in the operation.
(2) There are many links of slag separation, classification and concentration, resulting in great mineral loss. As the flotation operation requires the removal of -20μm slime, 20% to 40% of the minerals of the selected ore will be lost in the stage of classification and concentration. At the same time, some + 20μm minerals will be lost due to the low classification efficiency. In addition, in the slag separation process before high magnetic separation, if the efficiency of the slag screen is not high, it will also lose a part of the mineral from the material on the screen.

What Is Magnetic Separation In Feldspar?
(3) The mineral recovery rate of flotation operation is generally only 60% to 75% in production. In the laboratory test, the recovery rate of flotation operation can reach more than 85%. However, due to the heavy load of flotation equipment and the inaccurate control of production link, there is still a large gap between the recovery rate and the laboratory test index. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). Therefore, in order to further improve the recovery rate of ore dressing, we should proceed from the above several links.

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