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What Are The Parameters Of PTMS Magnetic Separator Equipment
Время: 2021-05-23

Magnetic Separation Machine
PTMS in magnetic separation method research and PTMS magnetic separation mechanism manufacturing, in the company's affairs occupy a major position. PTMS mineral experimental research and design workers have laid a foundation for the development of PTMS magnetic separation machine and its extensive application in industrial customers.

They have established the theoretical verification basis for the magnetic separation method, put forward the principles of PTMS magnetic separation equipment manufacturing, a variety of types of companies magnetic separation equipment has been promoted and applied, the new magnetic separation equipment has better parameters. From the past to the present, the processing capacity of PTMS magnetic separator has increased 10 times, from 30t/h to 350t/h. The PTMS drum type magnetic separation machine with magnetic field induction intensity of 155 ~ 160kA/m, production capacity of 20 ~ 50t/h, processing particle size of -6mm strong magnetic ore magnetic separation and regeneration of heavy medium suspension was manufactured.

What Is Magnetic Separation?
Magnetic field magnetic induction intensity of 1250kA/m, production capacity of 0.7, 4 and 12t/h, magnetic separation particle size of 2 ~ 3mm of weak magnetic ore, non-ferrous and rare metal coarse concentrate and other products of PTMS dry roller magnetic separator, and magnetic induction intensity of 1.1 ~ 1.5t, production capacity of 5, 5 ~ 10 and 50 ~ 100t/h, PTMS rotary wet magnetic separation machine for sorting 0.8mm weak magnetic ore and materials.

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