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What Is The Recovery Rate Of PTMS Hydraulic Separator?
Время: 2021-05-24

Magnetic Separation Process
Ukraine's iron ore reserves account for 13% of the world's total reserves, mainly ferrite, with an iron grade of 28% ~ 35%. Six PTMS magnetic separation equipment, using conventional magnetic separation process, produce 36 million tons of concentrate per year, of which more than 80% grade is 63.7% ~ 65.1%. The recovery of magnetic minerals was 90% ~ 96%, and the recovery of total iron was 65% ~ 77%. The amount of iron oxide entering the concentrator is 19.7% ~ 28.2%. The mineral grade is 11.7% ~ 17.5%. The loss of iron oxide in tailings is 90% ~ 98.4%.

PTMS hydraulic separation magnetic separator is used to carry out magnetic hydraulic ore washing in a weak magnetic field. Magnetite acts as a sorting medium, a sorting process similar to jigging, with heavy iron oxide passing through the magnetite deposit while quartz is expelled from the upper bed.

What Is Magnetic Separation In Chemistry?
The device can recover both magnetic iron and iron oxide. This method has been used in industry.

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