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PTMS Magnetic Separator Has A Good Performance in The Whole Process Test
Время: 2021-06-01

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PTMS magnetic separator on the basis of the condition test of the whole process test, the test results can be seen that the use of three stages of grinding, four times of low intensity magnetic separation stage grinding low intensity magnetic separation process processing ore, in the final grinding fineness of a 0.038 mm accounting for 95.18%(the third stage of grinding is 35.90% of the raw ore), Concentrate with grade of 66.48% and recovery of 78.79% was obtained.

PTMS Magnetic Separation
Minerals are treated by a process of two-stage grinding and low intensity magnetic separation, two cationic reverse flotation of low intensity magnetic concentrate, regrinding of tailings of reverse flotation and low intensity magnetic separation after tailings discarding and then back to reverse flotation. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3).

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The results of the whole process test show that a concentrate with a grade of 69.76% and a recovery of 78.51% can be obtained under the condition that the amount of tailings regrinding operation is only 12.9 L % of raw ore and the middling regrinding fineness is 96.34% of 0.038 mm. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3).

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