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Experimental Study On Treatment Of Ultra-lean Magnetic Ore By PTMS Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-06-04

Mineral Processing Equipment
In recent years, the demand for kaolin ore is increasing, but the rich ore or relatively rich kaolin ore cannot meet the market demand, and the development and utilization of poor and ultra-poor magnetic ore has been paid more and more attention.

PTMS Magnetic Separator
However, due to the low content of strong magnetic minerals in ultra-lean magnetic ore, if the raw ore is crushed and directly ground and then used for magnetic separation, the cost of grinding will be greatly increased, leading to a high cost of the whole mineral processing, and even can not be profitable. Therefore, a more optimized technological process should be adopted for ultra-lean magnetic ore to reduce the cost of beneficiation.

What Is Magnetic Separation In Kaolin?
Taking the processing test of ultra-lean magnetic ore as an example, the technological process of dry separation discarding waste, dry concentrate coarse grinding magnetic separation flicking tail and coarse concentrate regrinding magnetic separation is introduced. The experimental results show that this process is a more reasonable beneficiation method for ultra-lean magnetic ore.

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