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PTMS Magnetic Separator Selects The Magnetic Iron From Kaolin Ore Powder
Время: 2021-09-21

High Gradient Magnetic Separation

Due to the price rise of ceramic raw materials ---- kaolin in recent years, the profit is greatly improved, special machinery ----PTMS magnetic separator and other kaolin mineral processing equipment can be widely promoted in the scope of mining companies. The general working principle of these dressing equipment is: magnetic iron in kaolin ore powder is selected by PTMS magnetic separator.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

The following is a representative equipment - kaolin mineral processing structure, principle and operating procedures are introduced as follows: raw ore → crushing → ramming → cyclone classification → stripping → centrifugal classification → concentration → pressure filtration → internal steam drying → calcining → depolymerization → filler grade or paper coating grade Kaolin. PTMS magnetic separator can improve product whiteness.

What Is Magnetic Separation In Kaolin? 

The produced raw ore is crushed to about 25mm by PTMS crusher and put into cage crusher to reduce the particle size to about 6mm. Hot air blown into the cage crusher reduces the moisture content of kaolin from about 20 percent to about 10 percent. The crushed ore is further ground in an air-blown mill equipped with a centrifuge and a cyclone. The process can remove most of the sand, suitable for processing those ores with high whiteness, low sand content and suitable particle size distribution. Dry process production cost is low, the product is usually used in rubber, plastic and papermaking industries and other low-cost filler. PTMS magnetic separator can improve product whiteness.

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