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PTMS provides customers with PTMS Electromagnetic Separator with high performance and low cost
Время: 2024-01-06

wet high intensity magnetic separator

Dry PTMS Electromagnetic Separator has the advantages of simple structure, low operating cost, less investment, energy saving and environmental protection, and is especially suitable for cold regions with rich resources but serious water shortage. According to the different magnetic induction intensity, dry magnetic separator can be divided into: dry weak field magnetic separator, dry medium field magnetic separator, dry strong field magnetic separator, dry high gradient magnetic separator.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

At present, the study of dry PTMS Electromagnetic Separator equipment pays more attention to the effect of other performance parameters of magnetic materials on the magnetic field characteristics. In actual production, the separation process is relatively extensive, it is impossible to achieve fine separation, and the metal loss rate is high. The characteristics of the required separated material should be combined with the magnetic field characteristics to improve the adaptability of the device. Particle dry separation equipment will be an important development direction in the future, and it is the key to energy saving of dry magnetic separation equipment.

what is magnetic separation process?

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator has a complete variety, widely used in the supply of reputable drum magnetic separator, regular steel slag magnetic separator, good quality and inexpensive permanent magnet magnetic separator, high strength magnetic separator, drum magnetic separator after-sales industry. In addition, PTMS provides customers with high performance and cost effective magnetic separator brand services.

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