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PTMS Rotating Magnetic Field Dry Magnetic Separation Function To Solve What Difficult Problems
Время: 2021-09-14

Dry Magnetic Separator

The crushing pre-concentration process of Plate and stone concentrator of Tonggang Mining Is composed of large and small particle size 2 sections dry separation, before the dry magnetic separator is magnetic pulley. When magnetic pulley is thrown into waste, the waste rock in the lower layer is encased by the strong magnetic ore in the upper layer, which is difficult to be removed. The waste throwing effect of dry separation is poor, resulting in low grade, large selection and high processing cost of ore dressing.


In order to improve the grade of grinding ore, the industrial test of upgrading the original dry magnetic separator with PTMS rotating magnetic field has been carried out in this concentrator, and good results have been obtained with good technical and economic indicators.

What Is Magnetic Separation In Science? 

PTMS is the main PTMS magnetic separation equipment professional company, PTMS magnetic separation equipment for kaolin, potassium sodium feldspar, quartz sand removal of iron (Fe2O3). PTMS to provide customers with high quality PTMS magnetic separator, in addition to iron equipment and other products and services, the best choice of PTMS magnetic separator. PTMS develops, designs, and sells mining machinery, iron removal equipment, and dry magnetic separators.

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