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The Advantages Of PTMS Super Large Cylinder Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-04-01

Iron Separator Machine
What Is Magnetic Bead Separation?

Although PTMS super large magnetic separator is also a cylinder magnetic separator, but its magnetic cylinder length has reached 4 500mm, such a length of magnetic cylinder, its magnetic system, cylinder, tank and ore feeding methods and other aspects can not be used in the original direct amplification of the way to design, must be re-designed with a new design idea.

(1) Magnetic system design. Magnetic system is one of the core parts of magnetic separator, the rationality of its design is related to the sorting index of equipment. For the very large magnetic separator, how to make the magnetic field characteristics and a large volume of pulp sorting characteristics together, is the difficulty of magnetic design, and the magnetic field characteristics are determined by the magnetic circuit design, polarity arrangement and the use of magnetic materials, it determines the size of the magnetic field force and the mineral sorting effect. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). Due to the long size of PTMS magnetic cylinder spindle, the bending deformation of PTMS magnetic cylinder under the action of magnetic material gravity is relatively large, so it must be considered in the design process and its deformation must be reduced as far as possible.

PTMS super large cylinder magnetic separator in the sub-selection of all rare earth magnetic steel structure, because the magnetic energy of rare earth magnetic steel is more than 10 times that of ordinary ferrite magnetic materials, in order to meet the magnetic field strength and depth of action at the same time, the volume and mass of magnetic poles decreased significantly. In the conveying area, in order to meet the requirements of magnetic field strength, the composite magnetic system design of rare earth magnetic steel and ferrite is adopted. In the unloading area, because the magnetic field strength can not be too high, otherwise it is not easy to unload the ore, the full ferrite magnetic system design is adopted. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). With the new stepped magnetic pole structure, the mass of the magnetic system is about 40% of that of the traditional design, which is of great significance to reduce the influence of the spindle deformation on the precision and magnetic field distribution of the equipment and improve the reliability of the equipment.

(2) tank structure. The tank is one of the important parts of the magnetic separator, in order to improve the separation effect,PTMS super large cylinder magnetic separator using high slurry surface tank structure, the slurry surface from the conventional 150mm to 250mm, that is, the depth of the cylinder into the tank increases, prolong the length of the equipment separation belt, is conducive to the recovery of coarse and fine iron ore. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). At the same time, because the separation zone becomes longer, the inclusion gangue is easier to be separated from the coarse concentrate, thus improving the concentrate grade.

Considering that the coarser particles settle faster in the pulp, a coarser tailings discharge structure was designed on the tank body to make the coarser gangue enter the tailings trough in advance before it reaches the tailings overflow weir after sorting, so as to avoid the situation that the coarser gangue sinks into the trough, blocks the sorting space and loses its sorting function. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3).

PTMS super large cylinder magnetic separator because of the long axial length of the tank, large volume, there are axial slurry flow distribution is uniform and the deformation of the tank, the strength design of the tank in the axial increase of support and reinforcement plate, ensure the tailings overflow weir and concentrate discharge port processing accuracy and installation of the level.

In the concentrate discharge area, because the magnetic force lines can pass through the concentrate discharge plate and affect the discharge of magnetic concentrate, the magnetic isolation device is designed in the tank to reduce the influence of magnetic force lines so that the concentrate can be discharged smoothly, which is very important for large equipment.

(3) Feeding method. For the super-large magnetic separator whose magnetic tube length is up to 4 500mm, the length direction of the uniform distribution of ore directly affects the quality of the sorting index. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). In order to solve this problem, an innovation was made on the basis of the traditional feeding device, and a unique feeding device was designed by using the principle of secondary ore distribution. In the design, a ore feed pipe with a diameter of 273mm and a length of 4,100mm is added in the ore feed box. A ore discharge gap is processed on the ore feed pipe. Because the ore feed pipe has a certain pulp pressure, and the ore discharge gap is small, the ore feed pipe is always filled with pulp, and the ore discharge pulp is discharged within the 4m long range of the ore feed pipe. The pulp flow to the ore box, after buffering through the overflow plate, evenly into the magnetic separator tank, to solve the ore problem.

(4) the selection of transmission mechanism. As a super large magnetic separation equipment, considering the stability of the structure, using the through shaft structure instead of the traditional half shaft transmission mode, to solve the large cylinder diameter, far fulcrum, heavy load and large processing capacity conditions of the cylinder support and transmission mechanism stability problems. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3).

what is magnetic bead separation ?

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