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PTMS Through Scientific And Technological Breakthroughs, The Removal Of Red Iron Concentrate Grade Has Reached The Standard
Время: 2021-09-18

Electromagnetic Separator Manufacturer

Iron ore mainly contains red iron and magnet two categories, due to its own nature, red iron is more difficult to select than magnet, the existing production recovery is lower than magnetite. PTMS through scientific and technological breakthroughs, the removal of red iron concentrate grade has reached the standard.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

PTMS magnetic separator can recover iron from tailings, mainly to recover magnetic iron in tailings. Due to the large difference in magnetic properties between magnetic iron and gangue, magnetic iron recovery technology and equipment is relatively simple.

What Is Magnetic Separation In Kaolin? 

The magnetic iron stored in the tailings pond can be recycled under the existing PTMS magnetic separator technology. Before the progress of separation technology, magnetic iron is mainly lost in tailings in the form of intergrowth and fine particles. The design of recovery process and selection equipment should focus on recovering this part of iron.

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