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Sampling Records Of Raw Ore And Mineral Processing Products in Industrial Test Of PTMS Magnetic Separato
Время: 2021-06-18

Dry Magnetic Separator
Record the minimum weight and number of samples
The record details include: the minimum weight of the sample shall meet the weight required for product inspection and analysis. Ensure sample representativeness.

PTMS Magnetic Separation
Different ore properties have different weight requirements for samples. When determining the minimum weight of samples, the following ore properties should be considered:
(1)The larger the ore particle size, the more sample weight is required.
(2)For ores with uneven distribution of useful minerals, more samples should be taken.

What Is Magnetic Separation Method?
(3)The minerals in the ore are fine and uniformly disseminated ore, so the sampling amount can be less. More samples should be taken for coarse and uneven disseminated ore.
(4) For ores with non-uniform content of useful components, the sampling amount should be larger, otherwise it can be less.
(5) The ore with a large proportion difference of various minerals in the ore should be sampled more.

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