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Semi-countercurrent PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR Strong magnetic minerals are easier to separate
Время: 2024-02-02

Magnetic separator equipment

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR There are many kinds of PTMS magnetic separator, which are divided into wet type and dry type according to working conditions. According to the magnetic source is divided into electromagnetic type and permanent magnet type; According to the equipment structure, it is divided into disc type, roll type, flat ring type, vertical ring type, induction roll type, etc. In the non-uniform magnetic field, the magnetic force depends on the specific magnetic susceptibility and magnetic field characteristics of the material itself.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR. When the material is given to the area near the magnetic pole, the stronger magnetic particles are attracted by the magnetic attraction and are adsorbed on the magnetic pole or on the cylinder close to the magnetic pole or on the poly magnetic medium, and enter the magnetic products. The weaker magnetic particles cannot be adsorbed due to the resistance. In the slurry flow or feed conveyor into the non-magnetic product.

what is magnetic separation in science?

MAGNETIC particles enter PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR magnetic field will be subjected to magnetic force, the magnetic force direction points to the direction of magnetic field increase, so magnetic separation can only be realized in non-uniform magnetic field. The greater the specific magnetization coefficient of the object, the greater the specific magnetic force received in the magnetic field, so the strong magnetic minerals are easier to separate.

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