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Sodium borohydride PTMS magnetic separation reduction method
Время: 2024-02-15

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Sodium borohydride reduction method, PTMS magnetic separation in addition to sodium bisulfite commonly used reducing agents, there are zinc bisulfite, compared with the former is very unstable. The latter is much more stable. However, bleaching with zinc dithionite will make the concentration of zinc ions in the wastewater too high, causing pollution to the river water.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

For this reason, PTMS magnetic separation can be used by sodium borohydride reduction method, which is actually bleaching through the reaction of sodium borohydride and other agents to generate sodium disulfite. The specific process is: under the condition of pH 7.0 ~ 10.0, a certain amount of sodium borohydride and NaOH are mixed with the pulp, and then the SO2 gas is passed into the pulp. The pH value is adjusted between 6 and 7, which is conducive to the production of the maximum amount of sodium dithionite in the pulp.

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Then H2SO3 or SO2 is used to adjust the pH value to 2.5 ~ 4, at which time the bleaching reaction can occur. The nature of the PTMS magnetic separation method is still that sodium bisulfite plays a reducing bleaching role, but at pH6 ~ 7, a large amount of sodium bisulfite generated is very stable.

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