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Spiral Chute PTMS Magnetic Separator Is Used in The Separation Process Of Potassium Alspar Symbiosis
Время: 2021-08-27

Magnetic Separator Manufacturer

Potassium-albite symbiosis generally has a wide variety of useful minerals, fine disseminated grain size, complex symbiosis relationship, and rich in calcium and magnesium gangue mineral content is high, which is difficult to ore dressing. At present, the process flow of this kind of ore includes four principle processes: gravity separation-flotation combined process, PTMS magnetic separation-flotation combined process, gravity separation-magnetic separation-flotation combined process and beneficiation-smelting combined process.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

PTMS concentrators have done a lot of experiments on the application of spiral chute PTMS magnetic separator equipment in the separation process of potassium alspar coexisting ore, especially the introduction of spiral concentrator equipment in the gravity separation and flotation combined process, which can simplify the process and reduce the cost of beneficiation, and effectively improve the economic benefits of mining enterprises.

What Is Magnetic Separation Used For?

PTMS is the main PTMS magnetic separation equipment professional company, PTMS magnetic separation equipment for kaolin, potassium sodium feldspar, quartz sand removal of iron (Fe2O3). PTMS to provide customers with high quality PTMS magnetic separator, in addition to iron equipment and other products and services, the best choice of PTMS magnetic separator. PTMS develops, designs, and sells mining machinery, iron removal equipment, and dry magnetic separators.

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