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Spiral Chute PTMS Magnetic Separator Quartz Sand Processing Cost Is Much Lower
Время: 2021-08-22

Magnetic Separator Conveyor

The separation index obtained by the separation scheme is similar, which is an ideal beneficiation design. Therefore, rough separation using spiral chute PTMS magnetic separator gravity separation or magnetic separation has a high recovery, can discard a large number of tailings.

PTMS Magnetic Separation 

Although the separation index of spiral chute and wet high intensity magnetic separation is similar, the beneficiation cost of spiral chute PTMS magnetic separator is much lower.

What Is Magnetic Separation In Science? 

A quartz sand ore (91.89% of ore phase) was ground to two grinding fineness of -0.90mm and -0.74mm, and divided into three particle sizes of + 0.40mm, -0.40+ 0.25mm and -0.25mm for shaking table separation test. The grinding fineness of grinding to -0.90mm was divided into two particle sizes of -0.90+ 0.074mm and -0.074mm for the separation test of spiral chute PTMS magnetic separator.

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