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Spiral PTMS Magnetic Separator Beneficiation Equipment Improvement
Время: 2021-08-31

Mineral Processing Equipment

The improvement of the separation equipment of spiral PTMS magnetic separator mainly reflects the following aspects: (1) Optimize and improve the space-diameter ratio of spiral beneficiation equipment, improve its processing capacity, realize the benefit created by scale effect, and strengthen its recovery of fine minerals, reduce the lower limit of the recovery of fine minerals; (2) The groove surface material of spiral dressing equipment is optimized and improved to improve the wear resistance of the groove surface and prolong its service life;

PTMS Magnetic Separator

(3) The cross section shape of spiral beneficiation equipment is optimized and improved. The high mineral density and slow flow rate are not conducive to determining the more suitable lateral dip Angle for beneficiation, or different lateral dip Angle is selected according to the characteristics of different ore distribution size, so as to improve the recovery effect of minerals; (4) For the recovery of fine-grained minerals, the trough surface properties have a great influence on the separation effect, and the recovery of fine-grained minerals can be improved through the trough surface material selection and slurry blending, or even reduce the lower limit of the recovery of fine-grained minerals;

How To Separate Two Magnets?

(5)trengthen the improvement of auxiliary facilities and enhance the automation level of ore dressing equipment of spiral PTMS magnetic separator, such as adding automatic cleaning device and control device of ore pulp quality concentration; (6) Strengthen the separation mechanism research of spiral beneficiation equipment applied in mineral processing, guide the optimization of spiral beneficiation equipment parameters; (7) To strengthen the application of the combined process in mineral processing tests.

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