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Spiral PTMS Magnetic Separator Ensures The Quality And Recovery Of Concentrate Products
Время: 2021-08-29

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In a mine, the screw PTMS magnetic separator equipment was used for coarse separation of -0.70+0.20 mm particles, and the discarded tailing mineral rate was 85.11% and 0.031%, and the tailing mineral rate was 88.50% and 0.05%, indicating that the tailing dumping effect was very significant.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

In view of the characteristics of "coarser and more uniform mineral dissemination grain size" in a granite quartz vein type deposit, the process of pre-concentration by gravity separation (spiral PTMS magnetic separator equipment + shaker), flotation recovery of associated molybdenum and bismuth by coarse concentrate, flotation tailings by shaker cleaning, tailings by gravity separation classification and tailing loss, and flotation of fine particles under sieve is adopted. Concentrate containing 65.10% mineral and recovery 82.18% was obtained through the whole process test.

What Is Magnetic Separation Method In Hindi ?

In this process, coarse particle gravity separation, large amount of tail dumping and fine particle flotation are used to ensure the quality and recovery of concentrate products, avoid over crushing and reduce the grinding cost. PTMS magnetic separator can remove iron (FE2O3) inside.

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