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Structural characteristics of Flat ring type strong magnetic field PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR
Время: 2023-12-15

magnetic separation equipment

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR has a wide variety: it can be divided into dry high magnetic field disc magnetic separator, flat ring high magnetic field magnetic separator, SHP type wet high magnetic field separator, vertical ring wet high magnetic field separator.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

The structure of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is characterized by using ring chain to close the magnetic circuit, winding the coil of copper tube, low voltage and high current excitation, cooling in water, and teeth plate as the separating medium. The machine is composed of ore feeding device, concentrate and ore washing device, sorting swivel, magnetic system, ore receiving device, transmission device, DC power supply and other parts.

what is magnetic separation method in hindi ?

The structure of magnetic system is novel. It consists of inner and outer concentric circular magnetic moment, radial iron core and coil. The main shaft is located in the center of the ring closed magnetic circuit, and no magnetic field lines pass through. Coils are wound by 22×15×2 mm square copper tubes, each outer core coil 33 turns, the inner core coil 66 turns, and close to the pole head. PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR coil is cooled in water, which has the advantages of good cooling effect, low cost and no noise.

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