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The advantages of using PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR for reduction of kaolin
Время: 2024-02-06

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PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR reduction method is to use a reducing agent to reduce the trivalent insoluble iron impurities (such as red and limonite) in kaolin into soluble bivalent iron ions, which are removed by filtration and washing. Sodium disulfite, commonly known as insurance powder, is a strong reducing agent most commonly used in kaolin reduction to remove iron. Usually, iron oxide is insoluble in water and insoluble in dilute acid, but under the action of insurance powder, it can be reduced to iron bivalent which is soluble in water.

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The reaction process of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR reduction method is reversible. Kaolin should be washed and filtered in time after bleaching, otherwise ferrous will be re-oxidized and return to yellow. The solution is to add oxalic acid, citric acid, ethylenediamine acetate and other complexes in the reaction to form stable and water-soluble ferrous chelates, which is also called reduction-complexation iron removal method.

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PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR reduction method must strictly control the temperature, acidity, dosage of agents, reaction time and so on of the reaction process, and the insurance powder is expensive, easy to decompose and oxidize in case of tide and reduce the efficacy. These factors make its industrial production difficult.

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