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The Application Of Spiral Chute PTMS Magnetic Separator in Quartz Ore Has Obvious Advantages
Время: 2021-08-25

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The primary slime process of a quartz sand mine was reformed by using a rotary spiral chute PTMS magnetic separator. After the transformation, the concentrate grade was increased from 65.36% to 66.50%, and the recovery rate was increased from 87.85% to 92.57%. At the same time, the effect of water saving and electricity saving was obvious, the operation cost was reduced, and the economic benefit was obvious.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

In summary, the spiral chute PTMS magnetic separator has obvious advantages in the application of quartz sand, which can greatly save the operating cost of beneficiation.

What Is Magnetic Separation In Quartz? 

PTMS ore dressing workers should strengthen the research and development of the new spiral PTMS magnetic separation equipment, optimize and improve its distance to diameter ratio, improve its processing capacity, realize the scale effect to create benefits, at the same time strengthen its recovery of fine quartz sand, reduce the lower limit of its recovery size.

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