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The Composition Analysis Of Potassium Albinite Mineral Before Separation By PTMS Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-07-09

Magnetic Separator Conveyor
The feldspar ore used is alkaline feldspar, brownish red, flesh red, white, off-white, Mohs hardness of 6 ~ 6.5, density of 2.55 ~ 2.76 phenol m3, vitreous luster, the two groups of cleavage is complete. Polarizing microscope, scanning electron microscope, chemical analysis and XRF were used to analyze the process minerals of the feldspar ore. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3).

PTMS Magnetic Separation
The results show that the ore mainly contains albite, a small amount of orthoclase, quartz, mica (automica and biomica), titanium-bearing minerals (rutile and a small amount of sphene), and a small amount of weathered clay minerals. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3).

What Is Magnetic Separation In Feldspar?
The ore dissociation degree analysis shows that the grain size of plagioclase (albite) is 150-4500 Bm. The particle sizes of rutile and sphene are 15 ~ 300 PM and 30 ~ 200 lum, respectively. The iron minerals are mainly associated with biotite (50 ~ 4000/am), and partly with specularite (25 ~ 60 PM) and epidote (50 ~ 500¨m). PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). The results of X-ray fluorescence and chemical analysis show that the mineral composition of the samples in the mine area is similar. The chemical composition of the raw ore is A120, 19.03; The SiO:, 67.16; Fe203, 0.66; Mn02, O., 0015; Ti02, 0.0 l; CaO, 0.17; MgO style, 0.26; P. 0.0068.

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