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The Concentrate Grade Of Drum Type PTMS Magnetic Separator Was Increased By 8%
Время: 2021-07-20

Water Cooling Electromagnetic Separator

The coarse grinding of the concentrate through a series of crushing followed by dry magnetic separation throws out 67% of the tailings, but the concentrate has a full grade of 25.35%, of which 21.87% is magnetic iron grade. Therefore, it is necessary to further treat the ore, reduce the cost of grinding, that is, rough grinding of the concentrate. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

This requires the dry concentrate to be crushed to a 2mm, the common practice is to use rough grinding in the production site to achieve, after the use of wet magnetic separation, the use of drum type PTMS magnetic separator.

What Is Magnetic Separation Method? 

The final roughing results of the concentrate show that, as long as the first rough grinding to a 2mm condition, after magnetic separation to implement coarse tailings, the magnetic separation concentrate grade can be increased from 26.35% to 34.45%, the recovery of its operation reached 91.83%, the tailings production rate is 29.86%, This once again throws a third of the tailings out of the concentrate, and the PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of the product. So again, the amount of grinding in the fine mill is reduced.

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