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The demand for high purity silica for iron removal by PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is also increasing
Время: 2024-01-04

Wet type Electromagnetic Separator 

High purity silica is a very important optoelectronic material, which is widely used in semiconductor, optical fiber communication, laser and aerospace and other high-tech fields. With the rapid development of these fields, the requirements for impurity content in high-purity silica are more stringent, and the demand for high-purity silica iron removal by PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is also increasing.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Most of the high-purity silica currently required is imported. Therefore, the use of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR purification technology to obtain high purity silica is an effective way to meet the demand for high purity silicon in the field of high technology, and is of great significance to promote global economic development.

what is magnetic separation method?

The main methods of purifying quartz sand can be divided into physical methods and chemical methods. The physical methods are mainly washing and fractional desliming, scrubbing, PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR, flotation and ultrasonic method. Wash and stage desliming. This method is mainly for quartz sand that contains a lot of clay minerals.

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