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The difference between PTMS magnetic separation process and full magnetic separation process in weak magnetic anion reverse flotation
Время: 2024-02-24

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PTMS magnetic separation process of weak magnetic and anionic reverse flotation has low temperature requirement for flotation pulp, which is conducive to pipeline transportation of iron concentrate and does not need acid treatment before filtration. Taking 1500t/d iron ore separation plant as an example, the anion reverse flotation process of magnetic concentrate was added on the basis of a single magnetic separation process. Iron concentrate was obtained directly by one rough separation, tailings were discarded by three sweeps, and the middle ore was returned to a high-efficiency thickener. Iron concentrate increased from 64% to 67%.

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Full magnetic PTMS magnetic separation process, the process is simple and the environmental pollution is small. 5000 t/d iron ore separation plant to illustrate that the iron concentrate through the circular vibrating screen permanent magnet separator to obtain qualified concentrate, the circular vibrating screen screen after concentration magnetic separation into the closed circuit grinding system composed of lattice ball mill and hydraulic cyclone fine grinding,

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Other qualified concentrate is obtained through coarse magnetic separation -- fine sieve -- fine magnetic separation, and the material on the screen is returned to concentrate magnetic separation and then grinding and then sorting. Finally, the PTMS magnetic separation process of iron concentrate increased from 67% to 69%, silicon dioxide decreased from 7% to 4%.

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