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The magnetic system is the heart of PTMS Electromagnetic Separator
Время: 2024-02-11

Permanent magnet magnetic separator

The magnetic system is the heart of PTMS Electromagnetic Separator. The technical performance of the magnetic separator mainly depends on the rationality of the magnetic system structure. Ordinary magnetic separator magnetic package Angle, usually 106-135. The magnetic declination Angle (the Angle between the center line of the magnetic pole and the vertical line of the concentrate discharge end) is 15-20, and the magnetic declination Angle can be adjusted by moving the declination steering device installed on the shaft, and the tank body is semi-countercurrent, down-current and countercurrent three structures.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Under normal circumstances, when the magnetic mineral content in the feed is below 30%, the feed concentration is 30-40%. When the concentration of the magnetic separation tailings is 12-20%, the magnetic mineral is not easy to form a magnetic seal formed by the magnetic mineral layer. The above three different tanks all have the phenomenon of magnetic minerals deposited in the tanks. It affects the beneficiation effect of PTMS Electromagnetic Separator. In order to overcome the above shortcomings,

what is magnetic separation process ?

The original magnetic system is made of strontium ferrite magnetic block in the same way as the main magnetic system, which is also bolted on the inner spindle of the roller in the same way. When PTMS Electromagnetic Separator is beneficiating, the direction of rotation of the original drum is changed, and the middle line of the main magnetic pole is adjusted in the opposite direction to pass over the non-magnetic area above the drum. When rotated downward at a certain Angle, rinse off with rinse water.

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