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The main beneficiation method of wolframite is PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR
Время: 2023-12-02

electromagnetic separation

MAGNETIC separation of nonferrous and rare metal ores, PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is widely used in nonferrous and rare metal ores gravity separation of coarse concentrate, the main separation method of wolelite is gravity separation, coarse and medium grain with jig, fine grain with shaker in the gravity separation process, some higher density minerals, such as cassiterite, scheelite and most sulfide ores, PTMS magnetic separator

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Along with wolfrielite into the coarse concentrate, wolfrielite belongs to the weak magnetic minerals, and cassite, scheelite non-magnetic minerals, so they can be separated by magnetic separation method. Before separation, the material is crushed to 0-3mm by a matching roller, and screened into three stages: 0.83-3mm, 0.2-0.83mm and 0-0.2mm. The black tungsten concentrate is obtained by PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR.

what is magnetic separation method in hindi?

Among them, 0.83-3mm MAGNETIC separation tailings are broken to 1.17mm or less by the roller, so that the tungsten connected body is separated, and then graded magnetic separation, the number of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR operations of each particle grade depends on the nature of the material. Magnetic separation tailings contain scheelite, cassiterite and sulfide, which can be recovered by other methods.

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