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The PTMS Magnetic Separator Is Used For The Separation Of Granite Vein-type Potassium-bearing Alfeldspar
Время: 2021-08-28

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According to the characteristics of a granitic vein-type potassium-bearing alspar, a weight-flotation scheme of one-stage grinding, gravity separation by coarse PARTICLE PTMS magnetic separator and flotation by fine mud was developed. The raw ore was ground to -0.70mm and selected by grading, and the grain size of -0.70+ 0.20mm was processed by GL type spiral concentrator - shaking table process. The -0.20+0.04 mm particle size adopts φ 600 mm cubic parabolic spiral chute and shaking table process, the fine mud products and -0.04 mm particle size are combined flotation to recover minerals, and the tailings are recovered by normal temperature roughing and heating cleaning process.

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Finally, a gravity concentrate containing 63.54% mineral was obtained with a recovery of 70.11%. The flotation concentrate contains 35.22% mineral and the recovery is 10.48%. The concentrate contains 57.53% mineral and the recovery is 80.59%. PTMS magnetic separator can remove iron (FE2O3) inside.

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The heavy separation and coarse separation plant adopts spiral PTMS magnetic separator with large processing capacity, high quality concentration of pulp for ore, small occupation area, and no moving parts of the equipment, and the spiral chute are used together with the shaker, which not only reduces the occupation area, but also simplifies the technological process.

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