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The PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR of permanent magnet structure is used to remove iron impurities in kaolin
Время: 2024-03-13

Magnetic separation machine

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR Mainly used to remove the iron impurities contained in kaolin, as well as the recovery of weak magnetic materials, permanent magnet structure, unique magnetic system arrangement, reasonable structure, stable performance, is kaolin iron removal equipment. Raw material application: for the purification of kaolin, feldspar, quartz, zirconium mineral and the separation of iron in various high grain materials. Recycling: mainly in the smelting waste residue to obtain valuable substances.

 PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Kaolin PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR uses Ndfeb as the magnetic source, the magnetic field is strong and not easy to be consumed. The regagtization rate is less than 5%, which belongs to the permanent magnetic separator. The magnetic pole spacing is small, the disk is closely arranged, the magnetic envelope Angle of the equipment is 120 ~360 degrees, which greatly increases the contact area of minerals, and improves the mineral processing effect and mineral grade.

what is magnetic separation used for ?

Application scope of kaolin PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR: in minerals: mainly used for manganese ore and limonite, can also be used for magnetite, magnetite, zinc iron spinel, false hematite, magnetite, magnetite, zderite, chromite and other weak magnetic minerals.

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