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The rate of high strength PTMS Electromagnetic Separator wet magnetic separation concentrate increased to 80%
Время: 2024-03-10

Magnetic magnetic separator

Low grade coal system kaolin impurities: mainly pyrite. Methods: In flotation, the fineness of-74 μ m was 68.12%, the dosage of inhibitor water glass was 3.75kg / t, the concentration of butyl yellow was 80g / t, and 40g / t. Effect: The Fe2O3 content of kaolin concentrate was 0.77%, PTMS Electromagnetic Separator iron removal rate reached 76.0%, and concentrate mineral rate reached 94.44%.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Kaolin impurities: iron minerals are mainly limonite and pytinite, in which pytinite is embedded with fine particles, -0.02mm up to 80%. Methods: grade + high gradient PTMS Electromagnetic Separator + chemical bleaching process, insurance powder 6kg / t, sulfuric acid 7kg / t, oxalic acid 1kg / t, bleaching time 10min. Effect: The natural whiteness of concentrate was increased to 83.75%, and the calcination whitening degree was increased to 90.24%.

what is magnetic separation in Feldspar?

Coal system kaolin impurities: lattice iron is mainly hematite (Fe2O3), goedore (FeO (OH)) and siderite (FeCO3), lattice iron accounts for about 25% of the total iron content, hematite and goethore accounts for about 60% of the total mineral iron content. Method: High-strength PTMS Electromagnetic Separator wet magnetic separation. Effect: the iron content can be reduced from about 4% to less than 0.7%, and the concentrate mineral rate can be increased to more than 80%.

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