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The Spiral Chute, Wet PTMS Magnetic Separator And Pulsating High Gradient Magnetic Separator Were Compared
Время: 2021-08-21

Magnetic Separator

The results show that for the raw ore containing 0.40% quartz sand, a concentrate containing 1.58% quartz sand and 78.99% recovery can be obtained by using spiral chute PTMS magnetic separator. The tailing mineral rate is 53.38%, the quartz sand is 0.066% and the metal distribution rate is 21.01%.

PTMS Magnetic Separation 

By using wet PTMS magnetic separator, a concentrate containing 2.37% quartz sand with a recovery of 81.35%, 84.47% tail mineral ratio, 0.09% quartz sand and 18.65% metal distribution ratio can be obtained.

What Is Magnetic Bead Separation ? 

A concentrate containing 2.78% quartz sand with a recovery of 82.72%, 87.89% tailing ore, 0.08% quartz sand and 17.28% metal distribution was obtained by using pulsating high gradient PTMS magnetic separator. The grade of coarse tailings can be reduced to less than 0.10% by gravity separation of spiral chute or magnetic separation of one time.

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