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The Tailing Yield And Concentrate Grade Of PTMS Magnetic Separator Are Obviously Improved
Время: 2021-07-07

Magnetic Separation Process
 PTMS magnetic separator in the alternating magnetic field, due to the rapid magnetic turnover and magnetic agitation, so that the magnetic material and non-weak magnetic material relative movement, under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, so as to achieve efficient waste disposal.

PTMS Magnetic Separator
Compared with the conventional magnetic pulley, the tailing yield and concentrate grade of PTMS magnetic separator are obviously improved, and the magnetic iron content in the tailings is obviously reduced. The equipment is a kind of high efficient dry magnetic separator, the magnetic pulley used in the field of fine magnetite ore separation has a good separation effect.

What Is Magnetic Bead Separation?
It is of great significance to reduce the cost of ore dressing to realize more discarding and less grinding after the revamp. After the use of PTMS magnetic separator, the effect of dry separation and waste disposal is remarkable, which can reduce the discharge of tailings pond by 150,000 tons per year and prolong the service life of tailings pond.

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