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The washed kaolin was prepared by a simple PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR process
Время: 2024-03-04

high intensity magnetic separator

With simple PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR process, the effective utilization of building waste soil is not only turned waste into treasure, but also the production cost is low, which is conducive to mass production and can be widely used in the ceramic industry.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

After pickling slurry, binary iron mainly retained in the water, the pickling slurry into the filter, the aqueous solution is located in the upper filter, when the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR has iron kaolin slurry in the filter remaining space, has iron kaolin slurry solute to sink, make the water is pressed out, namely binary iron is taken out,

what is magnetic separation in Quartz?

Has in addition to the iron kaolin slurry quality fraction of 5% -8%, appropriate concentration, avoid the concentration is too small cleaning time is too long, or concentration is too high, cleaning time is too short, make full use of the time and space in the filter, in the slurry filter and realizes the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR after pickling removal of valent iron in the slurry, greatly improve the production efficiency.

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