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Vibration Speed Of Vibration Tank Of PTMS Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-09-09

Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator

The vibration speed of the vibration tank of PTMS magnetic separator determines the time that the particles stay in the magnetic field and the size of the mechanical force. The larger the product of vibration frequency and amplitude of vibration groove, the larger the vibration speed, the shorter the residence time of mineral particles in the magnetic field. The mechanical force acting on the mineral particles is mainly gravity and inertia force. Gravity is a constant, and inertia force increases or decreases in direct proportion to the square of velocity.

PTMS Magnetic Separator

The magnetic force of weakly magnetic minerals in the magnetic field is not much greater than gravity. Therefore, if the speed of vibration tank of PTMS magnetic separator exceeds a certain limit, the magnetic force is not enough to pull them up well due to the sharp increase of inertia force. Therefore, the motion speed of weakly magnetic minerals in the magnetic field of magnetic separator should be lower than that of strongly magnetic minerals.

What Is Magnetic Separation Method ? 

Generally speaking, when the selection, the raw material in the monomer minerals, their magnetic is strong, PTMS magnetic separator vibration tank vibration speed can be higher; When cleaning, raw materials contain more intergrowth body, and the magnetic intergrowth body is weak, in order to improve the recovery rate, the speed of the vibration tank should be lower. Processing fine raw materials, vibration groove frequency should be slightly higher (conducive to loose ore particles), small amplitude; And processing coarse raw materials, the frequency should be slightly lower, the amplitude should be larger. Suitable operating conditions should be determined by practice according to the properties of raw materials and sorting requirements.

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