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Water selection PTMS magnetic separation is to use water to achieve mineral sorting and purification
Время: 2024-03-15

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Water selection PTMS magnetic separation is to use water to achieve mineral sorting and purification. The equipment uses tropical and subtropical areas with abundant precipitation. Because these areas are rich in perennial precipitation and high mineral water content, it is not suitable for dry selection, and such climate conditions provide good water resources for mineral water selection.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

How water PTMS magnetic separation work, we also don't know, for you in detail: water selection magnetic separator workflow water separation machine operation of water as the carrier mixed mineral concentration with slurry pump for transportation, the actual ore water sorting process and working principle is roughly as follows, ore by broken, finely to the ball grinding to certain appropriate sorting,

what is magnetic separation in chemistry?

In the pulp pool mixed by slag slurry pump of the minerals to the water selection PTMS magnetic separation, the slurry into the tank of magnetic material, the magnetic material is washed away by water into the tailings pool, and magnetized magnetic material by tank rotation to the concentrate area, using high pressure water or brush will remove magnetic material, and then into the concentrate pool.

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