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Water separation PTMS magnetic separation will increase the mineral grade
Время: 2023-12-21

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Advantages of water separation PTMS magnetic separation: high field strength, can effectively improve the utilization of minerals, field strength is generally 12000GS. The bottom tank body is a movable tank body, which can conveniently adjust the discharge distance between the magnetic drum and the tank body according to the change of materials, and then adjust the concentrate grade and equipment processing capacity. The grade is improved, which is at least 15-20 grades higher than that of the dry magnetic separator

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

In practice, the pulsating stroke of the stroke box is realized by the adjustment of the slider, which is very inconvenient, so when the ore properties change, it is easy to cause high tailings and unstable concentrate grade. PTMS magnetic separation is a high frequency digital pulse stroke box, which makes its adjustment more convenient and timely;

what is magnetic separation method ?

The parameters of vertical PTMS magnetic separation include: power supply voltage: AC380V/220V/110V, frequency: 50/60HZ, abstract speed: slag clearance 1-100m/min, casing diameter: Φ8-Φ150mm, icing thickness: 0.05-2.00mm, magnetic pole diameter: Φ200mm or more, magnetic pole insertion depth: 200mm or more, such as the absence of the maximum magnetic selection capacity: 30kg/h or more.

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