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What are the influences on the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR index
Время: 2023-12-25

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The working gap is too large, the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR near the bottom plate is small, the concentrate grade is higher, but the tailings grade is increased, and the recovery rate is reduced. The working gap is small, the magnetic field force near the bottom plate is large, the tailings loss is small, the recovery rate is high, but the concentrate grade will be reduced.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

The working gap is too small, one is to affect the equipment processing capacity; Second, the flow rate of the pulp in the sorting space is greatly accelerated, and the magnetic ore particles will be taken to the tailings, increasing the metal loss in the tailings, and even producing a "full tank" phenomenon because the tailings cannot be discharged.

If the blowing water is too large and the slurry flow rate is too fast, the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR tailings will be increased. If the blowing water is too small, the ore particles in the slurry are not loose, which is easy to cause inclusion, so that the concentrate grade is low. When the bottom of the deposition tank of high-grade concentrate cannot be suspended by water, the tailings grade will be high.

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The flushing water is mainly used to unload the concentrate from the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR shell. Too small flushing water is not good for unloading the ore, which will make the cylinder belt ore and affect the sorting index. Too much flushing water will bring difficulties to the next operation.

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