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What are the ways of high-gradient PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment according to the sorting ring configuration
Время: 2024-01-18

feldspar processing

High-gradient PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment has emerged, which obtains a large magnetic force through the high magnetic field gradient generated by the poly magnetic medium to achieve the purpose of separating and recovering weak magnetic and fine-grained paramagnetic minerals. It is the main equipment for separating fine-grained magnetic materials. According to the sorting ring configuration, the high gradient magnetic separation equipment can be divided into inclined ring type, flat ring type and vertical ring type.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

The inclined ring type is still in the laboratory research stage, and the flat ring type and the vertical ring type have been used in industry. Because the feeding and discharging directions of flat ring high gradient PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR are the same, the magnetic medium is easily blocked. Although the vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator still has the problem of mechanical inclusion of magnetic medium, it has been improved on the basis of the flat ring type.

what is magnetic separation in Feldspar?

To some extent, this defect is overcome, so the vertical loop pulsating high gradient PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is the main development direction of high gradient magnetic separator. After years of production and application of magnetic field screening machine, there are still problems such as large equipment area and small processing capacity. In the future, we should pay more attention to the research of equipment structure, reduce the size of equipment, and improve the processing capacity of equipment.

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