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What Is Silicate Fluorite Ore Separated By PTMS Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-06-19

Dry Type Magnetic Separator
Silicate fluorite ore is quartz and a small amount of mica, pyroxene, feldspar, chlorite and so on as the main associated minerals of fluorite ore. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice.

PTMS Magnetic Separation
This type ore after crushing and grinding, often deal with the collector of fatty acid, sodium silicate, modified starch, sodium silicate, sodium hexametaphosphate as inhibitors, such as using a roughing multiple choice of high grade fluorite ore concentrate, and contains a lot of silicate minerals after flotation tailings to be discarded in the tailings, for a long time has not been used efficiently. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice.

What Is Magnetic Separation Method For Concentration Of Ore?
With the development of economy and society, quartz is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, electronics and other industries, especially high-purity quartz minerals have high value utilization value in coating, optics and precision materials. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice. Therefore, the development of quartz-type fluorite tailings separation process is of great significance in reducing tailings inventory and increasing economic benefits of enterprises.

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