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What types of parking operations are available with PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR
Время: 2023-12-11

magnetic drum separator

Stop on the spot: After receiving the stop signal, after the material in the dilute media bin is processed, the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR cannot select the magnet mineral powder, stop feeding first, and then stop. Check the inlet pipe, tank body and bottom flow pipe for blockage after stopping. Clean up slime and other debris accumulated in the feed box and tailings box to prepare for the next drive.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Centralized control parking: After receiving the centralized control parking signal, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. Confirm that there is no incoming material on the equipment and the equipment can be stopped. Emergency stop: In the event of an accident, PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR abnormal fault should be stopped immediately to check and deal with the fault. After understanding the principle and operating procedures of the magnetic separator, we must pay attention to the method when using it to avoid accidents in the process of use.

what is magnetic separation in science?

When the granular material passes under the permanent magnet self-discharging iron, the ferromagnetic impurity mixed in the material is sucked up. Because the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR on the belt keeps running, when the adsorbed ferromagnetic material passes through the non-magnetic area, it is scraped out by the iron on the belt and thrown into the iron collecting box. Thus to achieve the purpose of continuous automatic iron removal.

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