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Wet type Electromagnetic Separator 

The working gap of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR refers to the distance between the barrel and the bottom plate, through which the pulp passes. This gap is also the effective area of the magnetic field, and its thickness can be adjusted between 30 and 60mm. The working gap is too large or too small, will affect the sorting index.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR The suitable value of the working gap is determined according to the specific production situation of each factory. The adjustment method is to add or reduce gaskets on the four fulcrums of the frame support tank. Because the position of the cylinder is fixed, the tank body is raised after the gasket is added, and the working gap becomes smaller; Reduce the gasket, the working gap is larger.

what is magnetic separation?

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR The size of the working gap should be uniform along the axial direction. If the size of the gap at both ends is different, the slurry flow rate will be different. Due to the low slurry flow rate in the tank with large gap, mineral sand deposition and even blockage may occur. When one end of the tank is blocked, the observed phenomenon is that the surface of the cylinder at the end of the block cannot absorb the concentrate.

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